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Handmade products with lots of care using the highest quality ingredients including organic essential oils.

At "Leafy Hollow' we plant, prune, and harvest our lavender by hand and distill our oil in a traditional copper still to ensure a truly unique and authentic product. Give yourself the full sensory shopping experience when you visit our garden store or shop our products online.

Heat Packs

Colour, size:
Price:24.00 NZD
Attractively presented 3-fold (750gm) or 4-fold (1kg) lavender and wheat pack.

Place in the microwave,on HIGH next to a cup of water,for 3 minutes. Check heat and then wrap around aching joints or muscles. Relax and enjoy ... just wonderful!

Each pack is made of 100% cotton fabric full of wheat and generous amounts of dried lavender. Brand new fabric design on black or white background.